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So – tonights session sees a new introduction – one of the highly rated classics: “Race for the Galaxy“.
Already during the few test-runs that I have given it, it looks to become one of my true favorites.

This game just seem to have everything I like: A strong theme (Sci-fi), a good story, fast pace, complex deck/empire building with ressource management and “hard-choices” empire management.
Another thing I like, is how it is extremely important to read the opponents next move, as that will give you the possibility to pick the exact right action yourself. That is essentially how to win.
All I miss in it, is the interaction/battles – as this game is pretty much only about yourself. That makes it hard to set back your opponents.
Of course, being a trash-talking bunch – a lot of deception and misleading statmenents are bound to occur in the action-card picking phase. That will be great.

Let me go through these highlights, and explain further:
Theme: Aww, greatly produced cards of exotic or hostile worlds, buildings and improvements. That just so neatly done. A good game could potentially be ruined for me, if the artwork falls through – this one delivers above expectation.
Story: I enjoy the idea of exploring space. How they managed to pull off something that complex in a simple deck-building game is impressive. It just works so well – you feel like you are flying around exploring space and improving your civilization with planets and tech.
Fast pace: I like games that have depth – but I sometimes get bored sitting through the same for hours and hours. This game has decent depth, but only takes 30-45 mins to play. Win.
Deck building: You really feel like you are developing your civilization, to the extent that you sometimes consider picking a world that is just cool, rather than right in terms of winning. Or at least I do (must be why I always loose).
That just reiterates how well the story/theme works.

My best early advice?
Start by going for 1 alien tech world – produce (let others ideally) – and consume/trade that off for high VP cards. That has worked for me thus far.
Oh, and keep a hold of that one right 6-cost VP card that provides 10-15 points at game end.

Let me put it this way;
I really liked Dominion. I love Race for the Galaxy.

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