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So after getting some feedback/discussions on this, I realised that the worst Loser Ruin actually isn´t the “endgame spoiling”.

It is the Losers Exit Strategy.

The real top-of-class in the sport of losing ruin, is when a gamer stares into certain defeat – and decides he wants out. Out of the game entirely.
Well, in some games this isn´t possible at all, but then in many wargames/territory holding games it acutally is.

Exit-strategy by losing all your land and country. Total defeat.

Now, no matter how good a player you are – no one can stand the attack of a random player with an Exit Strategy, and still go on to win.
So there you are enjoying the game, everything building up nicely (birds singing outside) – and someone goes mental.

Not to achieve anything game-wise by it – they just want to be taken out themselves, and you were the closest one.
So they throw everything at you (literally), just to lose that everything – which was their ultimate plan.
You are now the one left with a ruined game.

Picking a winner (mentioned in earlier post) without any chance to win yourself is nothing compared to this Losers Exit Strategy.
Doing that simply alters the end, it doesn´t ruin the game, just the ending.
This feat however ruins the game itself. It is something even a 6-year old would have enough class to not even consider.

So the next time you are in a tight spot, staring at certain defeat – and say, your mind starts to wander.
If your thoughts should stray as far as to the idea of the “Loser Exit Strategy” – taze yourself immediately, and pull your s*** together.

Slap yourself if you think of choosing a Losers Exit Strategy

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